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Econo-Heat Econtroller - - On Order
Only! $80.00

Eheater+ and the econtroller the eheater+ wall panel heater without the econtroller econo-heat’s standard switch on/off energy-saver heater. however the heater becomes the intelligent eco-thinker in your home once the econtroller is fitted. control your 400w energy-saver econo-heat eheater+ wall panel heater with an all-in-one digitally integrated thermostat and timer. please note that this accessory is only compatible with econo-heat eheater+ model no. 0607 only (previously branded as eheater 4 in some markets). the econtroller is sold as a separate accessory as well as a combo (eheater+ including econtroller) which is available at specific retail outlets. back to top features and benefits control choose to set two temperature settings ‘comfort’ and ‘setback’ – to ensure the room will not get hotter than you require. note that the eheater+ is rated at only 400w which means that the heater should heat up the room to a comfortable 21 – 22°c (depending on the ambient temperature). it is therefore not guaranteed that a temperature higher than 22°c as a set temperature will be reached. presets comes with two preset programmes 
– preset 1: comfort temperature
mon-fri 4am-8am and 4pm to 11pm, 
and sat-sun 6am-11pm; off at other 
preset 2: comfort temperature
mon-sun 4am-8am and 4pm to 11pm;
off at other times. programmable comfort, setback and off can be 
programmed by you to suit your daily lifestyle. eco mode the heater maintains its temperature, switching 
off intermittently to even further save power. anti-frost perfect for holiday homes – heater turns on 
when room reaches 7°c. safety features a clever child-lock function.
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