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The customer will receive a check for the amount of the difference plus 10% of the acclaimed difference if the following conditions are respected : Acclaimed price is guaranteed for 15 days from date of delivery; upon verification, the consumer becomes legible for the refund of the difference + 10% of the difference.

The Product Brand and the same mode must be invoiced, from a Lebanese authorized dealer agent distributor, and warranties identical product must be in stock, under the same conditions of the purchase, and same metropolitan region. Floor models, demonstrators, gray market, and refurbished models are not eligible. 

Products that have been opened or used are not refundable.  The customer should send to Getforless all the above requirements; if approved, we will issue the check. 

Conditions are not negotiable and/or not applicable with liquidations, bonuses, or free offers which may be included in the purchase. Some prices may have decreased after the printing of this issue, the consumer will be notified upon ordering the product. Should the purchase become finalized, the consumer will be contacted or mailed a check with the difference.

If you need to ask anything about the refund conditions, please call GetForLess at +961 1 236 117 / +961 70 581 333 or email us at refund@getforless.com.



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